“Home Is… stability.” – Matthew Jumper

“Home Is… stability.”

As the President of San Diego Interfaith Housing Foundation and Board President of San Diego Housing Federation, Matthew Jumper’s commitment to creating affordable housing has led to the development and management of more than 1,200 units of affordable housing for seniors and families.

“(I’m constantly inspired) working with the people in the industry in general, because even though we’re all different and we may do different things, there’s always somebody that motivates me because of their way of doing things or their compassion or their creativity. I think we’re all ultimately in it to help people.”

— — —

Matt’s involvement with affordable housing began in the early ‘90s when the United States was experiencing an economic recession. At the time, he was working in a San Diego satellite office for a large Japanese investment company. When the satellite office had to shut down, he continued working with the company in Los Angeles, but for the married father of two, the tedious long weekend commutes back to San Diego left him wanting something new.

When a job as Development Director at San Diego Interfaith Housing Foundation came up, he applied despite not knowing much about affordable housing at the time. He faced stiff competition from about 300 other applicants. “Ten made it to the finals, and they had pity on me and hired me,” Matt joked. “I didn’t know about affordable housing, so I went to the LISC (San Diego) training. I was (in) one of their first graduating classes, I think.”

Now, after 26 years in the affordable housing sector, Matt has seen the need for affordable housing exponentially increase. Yet, he remains optimistic in these troubling times. In his perspective, as the need for affordable housing grows, so does the visibility. Matt believes the recent passing of SB2 in September is a clear indication that much needed change is finally coming. He also believes that changing perceptions about affordable housing is just as important as changing laws.

“It’s a big part of my life, it’s not one of those jobs where you go home and check out. I’m always thinking of doing something better, taking something home and noodling it around.”

When the Iowa Street Apartments began construction, he received phone calls from North Park residents with some less-than-motivating words. “You’re going to ruin the neighborhood!” one concerned resident said. However, Matt knew that once the affordable housing project was up and running, the concerned North Park residents would have a change of heart. Not soon after, the same resident called him again saying, “Wow! We had no idea how good this was going to be and you’ve been a good neighbor, you’ve listened to our concerns and now we see the finished product and we really like it.”

“We changed hearts and minds in the community which also helps in the long-run to maybe get more deals done in other communities and have them say, ‘hey, I saw this happen in my community, I had some concerns, but those concerns were overcome.’”

While it’s good to know that surrounding residents are happy, it’s more important to Matt that the 120-unit Iowa Street Apartments are providing affordable homes for seniors in the North Park Area. “When we open a property like Iowa Street and you see residents who are so excited and so grateful they have a safe, decent space, it’s just so gratifying. I wish that were happening ten-times over all the time.”

Matt has been involved with SDHF since the early 1990’s and states, “I am always in awe of the tremendous work that is done by the Federation members for a growing number of lower income individuals and families in need of affordable housing and ancillary services.”

As a testament to Matt’s commitment to affordable housing, we are thrilled to have an End of Year Match Campaign courtesy of San Diego Interfaith Housing Foundation that will match every dollar donated up to $4,000.

Matt, we cannot thank you enough for your commitment to affordable housing, your commitment to the success of the Federation and your compassion! We are proud that you are our Board President!

2017 San Diego Housing Federation Annual Holiday Party and Volunteer Appreciation

Join us on Tuesday, December 5 from 5:30 pm – 8:30 pm at The Lafayette Hotel for cocktails and hors d’oeuvres while you network with colleagues, members, and friends. Help us celebrate our successful year and look forward to 2018 with a special tribute to our volunteers. We look forward to seeing you there! Tax deductible donations will be accepted at the door.

As part of our holiday celebration, we will recognize the 2017 Volunteer of the Year, Rickie Brown for her outstanding commitment and support of the San Diego Housing Federation.

Rickie Brown works with City Heights CDC, but her actions go far and beyond her role at work. She is currently the manager of the Hollywood Palms and Casa del Sol apartment complexes. She is a renter in City Heights and dedicates herself to provide resources, and safe and secure housing for her residents. Rickie has advocated locally & statewide bringing strong attention to the housing crisis as well as utility policy injustices through her ability to passionately present to Sacramento representatives, senators and legislators. Rickie fights for affordable housing and to abate power shut offs as she does not want any of her residents homeless or in the dark. SDHF is proud to have her represent us as a volunteer at our events every year, as she exemplifies what it means to be passionate, kind and hard-working. Congratulations Rickie on your 2017 Volunteer of the Year Award!



Tuesday, December 5

5:30 pm – 8:30 pm

The Lafayette Hotel
2223 El Cajon Boulevard
San Diego, CA 92104

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This year, we are fortunate to have a match campaign courtesy of San Diego Interfaith Housing Foundation that will match every dollar donated up to $4,000.

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