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Election Day is November 8th – SDHF encourages YES on Measure M!

Vote Yes on Measure M!

Measure M: Raising the cap on affordable housing in the City of San Diego

California state law requires that voters approve any affordable housing units that are developed, built, or acquired by a public agency. Rather than vote on individual units, voters are asked to approve a cap that limits the total number, which is currently set at 10,500 units. San Diego has used roughly 70 percent of this total already. Without the approval of additional capacity, it is possible that the construction of low-income housing units using government financing or assistance would be halted.

The City of San Diego’s Measure M would raise this affordable housing capacity limit. Note, the Measure M would only address the potential for these units to be created. It does not raise or create taxes, no new funding sources are committed, all permits and reviews are still required, and there is no guarantee the new units will be built.

Measure M would give public agencies in the City of San Diego permission to create 38,680 additional homes for low-income individuals and families. This number comes from SANDAG’s most recent Regional Housing Needs Assessment, which estimated that the City would need that many affordable housing units by 2020.

A YES vote would increase the capacity limit for affordable housing units to 49,180, minus the roughly 7,000 units already in use. A NO vote would maintain the current limit of 10,500 units, of which roughly 3,000 remain.



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