Outstanding Resident Leader

This award recognizes an individual residing in affordable housing in our region who, over the past year, has played an important role in promoting the creation of more affordable housing and/or enhancing how affordable housing improves the lives of residents and local communities. This individual is someone who has promoted the cause of affordable housing through advocacy with elected or appointed officials or bodies; by educating and mobilizing neighbors; and/or by serving as a spokesperson for affordable housing with the media or other public outlets. Please be sure to describe what specific actions this individual has taken to become an exemplary resident leader. Please include any extra insight as to why this person should be more deserving than others. What makes this person special or unique?

The Nominees Are:

Angela Nugent

Angela has demonstrated resilience, strength, and devotion as an affordable housing advocate for her family and seniors. She participated in the Community Leadership Institute in Ohio and was part of the Community HousingWork’s Resident Popular Educator training in 2016 where she learned to effectively communicate with legislators. Most recently, Angela utilized these skills by sharing her story on the importance of affordable housing in Sacramento at Housing California’s Lobby Day and Conference. She demonstrated the potential impact of community residents to change public policy on behalf of themselves, neighbors and communities. 

Miriam Rodriguez

Miriam is dedicated to helping families that struggle to maintain housing every day. She is a full-time volunteer at her children’s local school and is driven to empower communities in need. It is her personal commitment to have San Diegans live peacefully, feel loved and respected, and have access to a safe and affordable home. She has participated in various resident leadership trainings, learning how to effectively communicate with legislators. She has traveled statewide to bring awareness to the housing crisis in San Diego and has made it a personal goal to eliminate homelessness and address housing shortages in San Diego. Miriam is a fierce advocate of housing advocacy efforts and is staying involved at the local and state level.

Elizabeth Reyes

Elizabeth Reyes is a force of nature. As one of the first members of San Diego’s Resident Popular Educators, she continues to attend resident trainings and continues to be passionate about helping her community. Elizabeth was trained on how to tell her story and effectively communicate with legislators about key policy initiatives. She has written letters, spoken at in-district meetings with local representatives and attended Lobby Day twice. Every week she helps with the Community ESL program and has assisted with Spanish translation and reaching out to inform residents about the ESL program.

Margo Velez

Margo Velez is a resident leader at MAAC’s President John Adams Manor (PJAM) in the Oak Park community of San Diego. She is the glue of her community. She always has a smile on her face and is always pleased to give neighbors a moment of her day to build and strengthen her community. She is a key leader in the Resident Core Team at PJAM and helps with the food bank and other community events there. She also has grown into a key leader in San Diego’s Residents United Network and is a powerful force for change.