Ruby Awards


2018 Ruby Awards

One of SDHF’s signature events, the annual Ruby Awards is the county’s largest affordable housing industry recognition event honoring the best people, projects, and achievements during the past year. Every year, hundreds of housing and community leaders from across the region and around the state will be on hand to applaud winners in more than a dozen categories and be inspired by their achievements.

2018 Ruby Awards will be held on Thursday, May 3, 2018
at the Prado in Balboa Park

The Ruby Awards recognize excellence in affordable housing and community development, highlighting the accomplishments of people, agencies and developments that work to ensure all San Diegans, regardless of income, have a safe, stable place they can afford to call home.

Call for Nominations is closed. Thank you to those who submitted. Nominees will be announced the week of March 5th. 

Volunteers Needed for the Ruby Awards!

Nomination Guidelines for a Strong Ruby Award Nomination

  • Complete the nomination form fully by the due date.
  • Write a compelling description of the nominee and include why they should be awarded.
  • Nominations can be made by anyone, regardless of membership status.
    • Self-Nomination is acceptable.
  • Nominations can be made in multiple categories.
  • Nominees are considered “finalists” at the Ruby Awards.
    • We will release the list of Finalists after the Selection Committee has met.
  • Be gracious. Only ONE winner in each category is announced at the Ruby Awards during the dinner program. It is an honor to be considered for an award.
  • Award winners will be selected by the Ruby Awards Selection Committee.

If you have questions, call or email Sarah Buchanan, Director of Events & Membership at (619) 239-6693 or

Ruby Awards Selection Committee

Selection Committee members meet for one day and select the winners in each category. The committee is made up of individuals who are in the sector and may participate with but are not board members or staff members of SDHF. The committee members may or may not have knowledge about a nominee prior to judging, but no knowledge prior to the selection committee jury date is needed.

Selection Committee Judging Guidelines

  • There should only be ONE winner is each category.
  • Please make your judgment based solely on the requirements for each category and the information submitted, regardless of your personal experience with an organization or project. If you cannot be impartial in any category, please let us know that you need to recuse yourself.
  • For Project of the Year categories (with the exception of the Special Needs category), please score each project using the point system included in the category description. All other categories are typically decided by majority vote based on review of submission materials.
  • In the case of a close or tied vote, SDHF membership status should be taken into account. Membership status is included on your nominee list.
  • Nominees that do not win may be recognized as “finalists” at the Ruby Awards. If there is a nominee that you feel should not receive any recognition, please notify us.
  • Please do not reveal any of the nominees or winners to anyone. Winner announcements are a surprise at the Ruby Awards. We will release the list of Finalists after the Awards Selection Committee has met.

Thank you for the important role you play in recognizing local excellence in affordable housing and community development! If you have questions, please contact Sarah Buchanan, Director of Events & Membership at (619) 239-6693 or

Sponsorship Information

Show your support for excellence in San Diego Affordable Housing and consider a sponsorship in 2018. Full sponsorship packets and other opportunities are available. This packet details the various SDHF membership and sponsorship opportunities available along with corresponding benefits, allowing you to choose the options.

For questions, please contact Sarah Buchanan, Director of Events and Membership via email or at (619) 239-6693.


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