Climate Action

SDHF releases local report – Location Matters: Affordable Housing and VMT Reduction in San Diego County

This report was prepared for the San Diego Housing Federation (SDHF) by the Center for Neighborhood Technology (CNT) and co-authored with the California Housing Partnership Corporation (CHPC).

In 2015, CNT, with support of CHPC, completed a statistical analysis of household travel in California to estimate the relationship between income, location efficiency, and vehicle miles traveled (VMT) throughout the state. Location efficient places have access to jobs and services and allow residents and visitors to get around by walking, biking, or on transit, reducing car travel. This report applies the findings from a statewide study (available here) to households in San Diego County. This report is meant to inform local planning and development efforts aimed at reducing VMT and resulting greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. The report also provides guidance on use of the state’s Affordable Housing and Sustainable Communities (AHSC) program to support development of location-efficient affordable homes and GHG-reducing transportation investments in San Diego County.

Download the PDF version of the report.